Big tech, namely Facebook and Twitter, are continuously making it harder and harder to keep people safe on their platforms. Invite your friends to Padayon and help us make a safe space for Filipinos!

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Cheret, trust only people you know personally

@reklamador Eh I think it's gotten its fair share of media publicity. Natatabunan lang siguro talaga 🤷‍♂️

Covid dashboard developed by our friends at the University of the Philippines and Project NOAH:

@reklamador Certainly looks like it. And they're packing numbers by the looks of it. How else can you make an artificial trend like this so quickly?

@reklamador Yep, that is also a good reason to ask your friends to join Padayon instead. Few people, private convos, we can easily block paid trolls.

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Hello, @Gargron! Padayon joins the Mastodon network from the Philippines. 👋

By the way, you can connect to Padayon via Mastodon mobile apps! Choose an app here ( and search for when asked for a Mastodon instance

And we're live! Hello world, Padayon is now up and running.

@ mention me if anyone encounters any problems, or has any questions.

Rules here:


Padayon is a safe space for Filipinos: a platform for social good, civil discourse, and free speech.